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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

Spiritual: through this we develop the children’s awareness and appreciation of non-material aspects of life, focusing on assisting our children to develop personal insights, values, meaning and purpose. (We must remember that whilst beliefs that help provide perspective on life may be rooted in a religion, but equally may not.) We enable children to develop their creativity and imagination, their sense of fascination, awe and wonder and children and adults are encouraged to reflect upon experiences.

Moral: this aspect is largely about how we help our children to make choices; to learn what socially acceptable behaviour is and to begin to think about how they may wish to live their life as they grow up. It is also about enabling them to develop and appreciate personal and society's values, understanding the reasons for these values and how to deal with disagreements and differences of opinion. We ensure that our children can explore other people's needs and ways of learning from experience. Perhaps most importantly with such young children we need to teach them to understand and recognise right and wrong and to understand consequences of actions, rights and responsibilities.

Social: Through this we help children to develop the skills required to work and play together effectively as part of their class, year group and school community. Supporting friendships and all that this entails is a fundamental part of the work we undertake. We ensure our children can relate well to adults and other children and how to participate positively in the local community.  Very young children are egocentric but, with patience and nurture we can support them to understand how we need to be aware of not just our own but other’s needs, emotions, desires, relationships and behaviours.

Cultural: through this we ensure our children have an understanding of and feel comfortable in and about a variety of cultures and cultural experiences. We create opportunities for our children to value cultural diversity, recognising and celebrating similarities and differences. We are nurturing children who understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity. (We would challenge any actions or comments which may be considered as racist, homophobic or discriminatory in any way.)



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