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Magical Happenings......

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Nursery Wow Moment!

Nursery children were so excited   When they arrived at Nursery the wand had been very hard at work changing what the nursery looked like and then it brought a special visitor…. Old Mother Rhyme. She helped the children retell lots of nursery rhymes and then she told them about the old woman who lived in the shoe. She told them that it is a bit sad as the Old Woman’s house is now empty as all the children have grown up.


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Reception had a most magical day....they discovered a video of the gingerbread man in their classrooms telling them he was lost! They had to follow the clues to find him and ended up in the old lady’s kitchen!

They couldn’t believe their eyes when they found mini gingerbread men in the oven  to eat… but the big gingerbread man was still missing! His outline on the baking tray was there, but he was GONE! When they got back to our classrooms there was another video of the Gingerbread man saying “run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread man!”

That cheeky Gingerbread man!!


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Year One's turn for some amazing magic in school.

On Wednesday 7th October they became detectives and began helping to solve the mystery of who entered the Three Bears House in the early hours of the morning. 



WOW!! Jack and the Beanstalk

In Year 2 they  had the most magical day, they had to follow a gigantic beanstalk through our school and discovered the Giant's castle. They had to be quiet because he was snoring loudly! They found the golden harp, golden eggs, his giant boots and some magical beans! 

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