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Recognition of our Work with Children from Service Families

As a school with up to 35% of the children coming from forces families it is imperative that we understand and respond to the needs of these families and in particular the needs of the  children so that there is no underperformance.


In our school, Forces children make good progress and this progress is often better than their peers in non-forces families. Their attainment is higher than all groups nationally.


This is in no small part to the fact that:

  • The well-being and attainment of Forces children is seen as of paramount importance to the Senior Leadership Team and this focus then percolates down to the teaching staff; we have high aspirations and high expectations.
  • All staff know who their Forces children are
  • All staff understand the issues that may affect Forces children and their families
  • Our marking enables , on  a daily basis, both the child and the teacher to clearly celebrate all that has gone well and identify clearly next steps in learning so that individual needs are immediately identified and met
  • We have a very thorough assessment and tracking system that means we quickly identify any underperformance and put things in place to address this
  • Our pastoral work means that the emotional well-being of all children is seen of paramount importance and this enables them to be in the right state to learn

As a staff we make sure that we keep up to date and understand the research that exists about the impact that there can be upon families and individual children relating to being in a Forces Family.


The work we do was recognised by Ofsted when they visited our school in April 2015 and has been recognisedby the local authority with mrs carney- haworth and our children being asked to speak at confereces to headteachers.

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