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Once again our children’s achievements were outstanding and their combined performance in Reception, Year One and Year Two far exceeds the national averages for those year groups.

National figures for 2018 are unavailable so in this document are the 2017 figures .

All data is currently unvalidated and represents in school analysis

At the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS: Nursery and Reception), children are assessed against a National EYFS Profile.

Significantly more children in our school achieve a ‘Good Level of Development’ than children nationally.

2017- National   71%    School 87%

2018 – National (71%)   School 88%

Since 2012 every Year One child has taken a national Phonics Screening Check and these take place across the whole country.  Each test consists of 40 words altogether: 20 “real” words and 20 “alien” words. A higher percentage of our children have passed than have passed nationally every year.

         2017- National      81%         School 87%                                            2018 – National    (81%)       School 96%

At the end of Key Stage One (Year Two) children are assessed by their teachers against national criteria. They also take standardised national tests that help inform the teachers’ judgements. Children are judged to be working ‘below the expected level’, at the ‘expected level’ or at ‘greater depth than the expected level for their stage in education. Significantly more children in our school are working at ‘greater depth than expected standard’ than children nationally.


Reading                                 Writing                                Mathematics

2017 Greater Depth       National-25%   School -71%         National-16%   School -59%         National-21%   School -66%

2017 At least expected  National-76%   School -96%         National-68%   School -93%         National-75%   School -95%


2018 Greater Depth       National-25%   School -66%         National-16%   School -57%       National-21%   School -60%

2018 At least expected   National-(76%)   School -95%         National-(68%)   School -95%     National-(75%)   School -94%