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Sponsored Land Rover Pull 2016 

Last year the Year Two children had great fun when they took part in a Land Rover pull to raise money for ShelterBox’s Nepal Appeal.  They enjoyed it so much that our school council decided that they would love for the whole school to take part in a Land Rover pull this year. They thought carefully about what they would like to raise money for this year and decided that they would like to make our library even better than it already is.

On 13th July, all the children and staff from Reception, Year One and Year Two took part in the event which included a competition to see which class could pull a Land Rover the quickest from one end of the playground to the other. 

  • Year 2 won the teachers competition with a time of 24.01 seconds. 
  • The Moles won the Year Two competition.
  • The Owls won the Year One competition 
  • The Bumblebees and Caterpillars won the Reception Competition

Thank you for your generous sponsorship... we raised the grand total of  £2133.86