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Nutrure and Wellbeing Individual Support

As a school we believe that investing in pupil’s emotional health and well-being is a priority.

As well as  our focus on this through our commitment to ACE Lens;  we  employ our associate Nurture and Wellbeing lead  which enables additional focused individual support  by a highly qualified specialist who is an accredited Theraplay Practitioner.

Danny  has been delivering therapeutic support and behaviour change interventions for around fifteen years in various settings, working with children, young people and adults and he has extensive experience in working with problematic behaviour. As well as tailoring individual packages for children he is available to support children and families including through his use of the Theraplay® Model. Further information about the Theraplay model is available below.




Theraplay is a special type of play therapy that can improve your child’s behaviour in unique ways. Using the therapeutic benefits of joyful play and sensitive caregiving, Theraplay focuses on strengthening your relationship with your child, enhancing your sense of connection and mutual understanding so that your child no longer needs to resort to problem behaviours. As the most important people in a child’s life, caregivers are actively involved in sessions. With the help of the therapist who is skilled at changing what may seem to you a permanent negative dynamic between you, then you and your child will experience delight and enjoyment in each other, and your child will become more responsive to you

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