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Early Years Foundation Stage One - Nursery

We provide education for children from the age of three . 

As well as providing a education for parent in receipt of nursery funding from the Government  we also have spaces for children whose parents wish to pay for additional sessions.

Information about avaialble funding can be found on the website


Nursery Unit session times: 8.45 am to 11.45 and

                                              12.15 pm to 3.15 pm

Early Years Foundation Stage Two – Reception Year 

Children join Early Years Foundation Stage Two in the September of the academic year in which they attain their fifth birthday. 

Parents do not legally have to send their children to school until the term after their child has attained his/her fifth birthday.  If you have any concerns about your child starting school before they are five please do not hesitate to talk to us.

Key Stage One – Year 1 and Year 2

Children spend their second full year of education in Year One and their third in Year Two.  Each year group currently has four classes but this can vary depending on the individual size of a particular year’s intake.  Each class within a year group is organised and run on a parallel basis


Our classes all have names.

The Bunnies are our Foundation 1 children.
The Ladybirds, Butterflies, Caterpillars and Bumblebees are our Foundation 2 children.
The Robins, Kingfishers, Owls and Woodpeckers are our Year 1 children.
The Hedgehogs, Moles, Squirrels and Otters are our Year 2 children.

We would like to share what has been happening in our classes.
Please choose a class to visit from the menu on the left.