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We are The Butterflies with Miss Jones and Miss Richmond. 

Imagine if we could build a house……


The magic wand sent us on an adventure to a building site! First, we had to put our hard hats on and high-vis jackets. Then, we got our clipboards. Next, we walked to the building site and saw a range of building materials such as wheelbarrows, cones, a cement mixer, builders, drills, a ladder and much much more! We used our check lists to record what we saw. We were so excited!

This term, our learning will be centred around ‘building’.

Communication and Language- children will be asking and answering questions using ‘how’ ‘why’ ‘what’ ‘when’ ‘who’ words

Reading- we have been learning new Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics sounds and applying them in our reading books. Please help us by reading every night. We will also be learning new facts about ‘building’ in non-fiction books

Writing- we will be writing a recount and a sequence of sentences about our WOW moment at the building site  

Number- we will be learning to double, halve and share

Shape, Space and Measure- we will be measuring ‘distance’ using diggers

Understanding the World- we will be thinking scientifically to solve a range of building challenges. We will also be learning about different types of buildings and their purposes

Technology- human coding and programming a robot through a maize

Expressive Arts and Design- children will design and construct using a range of materials. We will also be looking at creating 3D art



We loved visitng our book shop and swapping a new book with our friends. We enjoyed talking about our favourite characters and our favourite books.