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Imagine you were there...

We discovered Emily Brown on an adventure in India. We used our senses to explorer her camp site. There was a huge tent with a cute rabbit sleeping inside. We could also hear indian music playing, we saw her sparkly, magical wellington boots and even got to try some exotic fruit.

We had lots of questions;

Who is Emily Brown?

How heavy are elephants?

What do elephants eat?

Where is Asia?

How many types of elephants are there?

Why is she in Asia?

What language do they speak in Asia?


This term we will be…

English- creating  information leaflets.

Maths- exploring measures and building on their knowledge of addition and subtraction.

Geography- naming and locating the seven continents

Science- building on our knowledge of animals by looking at animal groups and comparing their structures.

Computing- learning how to stay safe on the internet and carrying out our on research.

PE- continuing to learn and perform simple dance sequences

RS- learning about new life and the Easter story

Art- using a range of medias to create observational drawings.

Wilberry Woods