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Otters class

Mr Phillips and Mrs Clarke

'WOW' - Imagine I am an Engineer! 

Last week we recieved a letter from magic wand and followed 'caution' arrows around the school, we followed them and they took us to the staffroom. We were surprised to find a safety instruction video to watch, we continued to follow the arrows to the 'workshop'. We discovered tools, engineer's blueprints and sketches and a range of resources to guide our learning. When we returned to the classroom we thought of questions to plan our learning;

* Who invented the first bridge?

* How do ships float?

* What materials are cars made of?

* How fast is the fastest aeroplane?

* When was the first bullet train built?

This term we are becoming engineers, we will be...

  • English- writing a story using exciting vocabulary and a range of sentence structures
  • Maths- using reasoning when solving a range of calculations
  • Geography- naming and locating capital cities of the UK
  • Science- testing and categorising materials
  • PE- coreogrpahing and rehearsing a range of dances
  • History- learning about the history of the Tamar Crossings