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Team GB Parlympian's Inspirational  Visit

Team GB Paralympic Swimmer and Triathlete David Hill visited our school today to exercise with our children and to lead an assembly,

David Hill was Team GB’s youngest athlete to get to the final of the 100m Backstroke at the age of 15 in the Athen’s Paralympic Games 2004.

David gave the children this very important message "If there is one thing I want you to take away from today it is that you must never give up on your dreams"

"I am going to do those exercises everyday so I can be as amazing as him" – Year One Child

" It was so exciting" Reception Child

" My favourite part was the star jumps because I am good at them" Year Two Child

" I want to be just like him" Year One Child

" My favourite was the star jumps because it stretched my arms and legs. I liked being with my friends"- Year Two Child

The children took part in a fitness circuit lead by David and then watched and listened in awe as he told them about his achievements in an assembly.  The aim of the event was to inspire the children to take up sport generally, but just as importantly, to encourage them to discover and then pursue their passion in life