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We believe every child should experience the world beyond the classroom.

This school seeks to ensure that outdoor learning and visits are accessible to all, irrespective of special educational or medical needs, ethnic origin, gender, religion or ability to pay. If the proposed pupil group includes young people with special needs, every reasonable effort should be made to find venues and activities that are both suitable and accessible and that enable the whole group to participate fully and be actively involved.

We aim to provide educational visit experiences that allow any number of avenues of learning to be explored and which give our children time to observe, question, record in different ways, to use all their senses and to be taken and led by their fascinations.

It is a priority of this school that all visits and off-site activities are are very well planned and safely managed. and have clearly articulated learning outcomes and trips

All learning outside the classroom opportunities should also aim to develop children’s understanding of expectations for behaviour outside the classroom

Educational visits provide opportunities for children to develop skills specific to outside learning including map work, recording experiences (sketch, use of IT, collecting artifacts etc.)

We do not charge for educational visits.

Summer term 2019 saw us undertake a beach clean with our Eco Club, Year Two visited Pentillie Castle and Year One undertook their third seasonal visit to Antony House and our Reception children had a lovely time at Thanckes Park

Pentillie Castle.

Each of the children in Year Two enjoyed  an amazing trip to Pentillie Castle. The year group went on three consecutive days in June …each group experiencing tent building, exploring nature and the history of the area. The weather didn’t prevent amazing learning or dampen their spirits.




Antony House 

Year One make three visits to Antony House across the school year as part of their science curriculum. They learn about plants and lifecycles of animals and observe seasonal change.

EYFS2 Trip to Thanckes Park 

These children enjoyed a day undertaking a range of physical activities and mindfulness in our outstanding local park. We are so grateful to the bowling club who invited us in and gave every child in the year group the opportunity to play bowls.