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School Council 2012 - 2013 - 2014

PIB and Sea Birds

Our School Council were horrified when our local RSPCA officer, Mr Peter Ferris, brought in a gannet that had been harmed by contact with PIB and had been found locally.

They decided that action should be taken and wrote to David Cameron, Prime minister; Owen Paterson , Environment Minister and Sheryll Murray, our local MP. 

They recieved several letters back, each eagerly awaited to see if legislation had been passed to ban the dumping of PIB's in the sea. 

They also starred in The RSPCA magazine highlighting both the plight of the birds and also that you are never to young to be a "Natures's Hero!!"

The current school council were pleased in October to recieve a letter from Sheryll Murray informing them that PIB will be classified as a category X product and will no longer be discharged into the sea. They made sure that the old school council knew the outcome of their endeavours.

In  2014 The school was awarded the House of Common's Speaker's School Council Award for this work

File icon: pdf Letter from The RSPCA.pdf [pdf 360KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Letter from Sheryll Murray.pdf [pdf 699KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf RSPCA Animal Action Magazine.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download