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Physical Education and Physical Development 

Our mission is to develop physical competency and promote a love of physical activity which will contribute towards pupils physical development, emotional development and health; now, and for the rest of their lives.

Our children will participate in at least two hours of high quality PE lessons each week. We will ensure that children will complete activities in dance, gymnastics and games and develop their fundamental skills which will lead to life long learning. Teachers will ensure that objectives are covered from the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One National Curriculum.

PE Lessons

All children, regardless of their ability, race or gender will be able to access and enjoy their PE lessons. We will ensure that all children experience Physical Education in a safe and secure environment and that activities are planned for which both stimulate and engage all children to participate on an individual and group basis.  

Healthy Bodies

During daily PE lessons, children take part in regular discussions about the need for exercise and the effect that it has on their bodies.  Children also hear this message through the schools work with Healthy Schools, R Time and Circle Time.

Children will learn through planned activities the importance of maintaining a healthy body and life style.  Children also learn about nutrition and the importance of having a balanced diet. 

Additional PE Opportunities

At lunchtime  the 'Playground Leaders' encourage children to become involved in various Physical Education challenges. These challenges foster a love of the competitive element of many physical activities. We also have a variety of sporting activities on offer which provide children with a range of opportunties to develop their love for physical education.

In addition on Monday lunchtimes, every child within the school is invited to take part in the monthly sports challenge set by Arena. This encourages children to partake within a sporting competition within the school and the results are judged against other participating schools within Cornwall. At the end of the month, the winner of the challenge receives a certificate. 

Children also enjoy taking part in after school clubs including Sports, Yoga and Balanceability. To read more about these click on the link below.


We have piloted the Youth Sports Trusts ’Skills2Play’ scheme which enhances the children’s Physical Literacy skills. We really enjoyed taking part in the pilot and so now children across the school enjoy using the Skills2Play cards in their lessons. Within these lessons, children are able to talk confidently about their physical, social and creative skills whilst continuing their love and broadening their experiences of Physical Education.

Additional funding for PE - Sports Premium

  We will ensure that we use this money so that it has the greatest impact on the teaching and learning of Physical Education within our school.  To do this, we will evaluate current practice and the progress that children are currently making. We will then discuss as a staff ways in which we feel this money would be best spent to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision within school. 



National Curriculum for PE

Statutory Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage

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