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The Queen's Birthday Honours List 2019

Members of our school community were very proud to hear the news that our Headteacher, Elisabeth Carney-Haworth has been awarded an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List, in recognition of the creation of the Operation Encompass Scheme which has supported thousands of children across England and Wales since it was first created in 2011.

To understand Operation Encompass, try to imagine arriving at school the morning after you have heard and/or seen one of your parents being beaten by the other.  You have not slept, your home is in disarray and you are expected to sit in your classroom.  You are worried about your parents and want to be at home but you are also worried about what will happen when you do go home at the end of the day. This is happening in each of our schools every day and, in police forces in England and Wales, structures did not allow for the reporting to schools of domestic abuse incidents meaning those vulnerable children don’t get the support and nurture that they need when they need it most. Operation Encompass was created to address this issue as research from across the world clearly shows that a child who is exposed to or who experiences domestic abuse will suffer emotional and psychological harm. 

Together with her husband, David Carney-Haworth, who was also awarded an OBE,  Elisabeth Carney-Haworth has continually campaigned to ensure the scheme is introduced amongst all the police forces in England and Wales and they have even been approached by international police forces and educational establishments keen to take up Operation Encompass.

In response to the receipt of the honour they said that “We’re very grateful, but the key thing is it underlines the importance and value of Operation Encompass and what it does to support children. It’ll drive what we do to ensure it is put in place right across the country.”