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Message from Mrs Carney- Haworth OBE

Mrs Carney-Haworth has written this letter to all parents, carers and children, past and present. Please can we ask that all of you take the time to read this letter.

Dear Parents, carers and children past and present, 

This is a letter that I never dreamt that I would send but I have had to make the incredibly difficult decision that, due to health reasons, it is inevitable that I retire from my role as headteacher of our wonderful Torpoint Nursery and Infant School. 

Most of you are aware that I have had numerous medical assessments in the last months but unfortunately each medical practitioner has been very clear that to return to work would mean certain further detrimental impact upon my already compromised physical situation due to the spinal cord injury and I can no longer ignore the medical advice. The conclusion has happened very quickly and my last day as Headteacher is the 31st May. 

I have found it extraordinarily challenging to cope with being off work, something I have never done in my professional life, but I now have finalisation of the way forward and I must begin to face the task of coming to terms with concluding my 42-year career in such a manner. 

As the school starts to reopen for more children, I know that the staff will ensure that each one of them has the most positive, nurturing, exciting and loving experience. 

Whilst being Headteacher at Torpoint Nursery and Infant school I have been privileged to have worked alongside many inspirational people and parents who have had the most wonderfully positive impact upon the lives of children and who have truly lived by our mission statement: 

‘Where each child is special and every child matters” 

But most of all I have been privileged to share in the life of your very precious children, who have been an absolute pleasure and delight to work with, to watch them thrive and grow into excited and confident independent learners. Such is the advantage of a specialist nursery and infant school and every one of your children has benefitted from this. 

I will hold dear the wonderful memories that we have made and shared together; the Country Dance days, the exciting school trips, our engagement with the Armed Forces, the trip to the Houses of Parliament after winning the School Council House of Commons Speaker’s Award, the wonderful school concerts, our singing in the community and much, much more. Perhaps more importantly I will miss the day to day aspect of being part of your lives, watching you learn new things and watching you grow, the fun which we had each day in school. Each one of you is unique, each one of you is special, always remember that. I shall miss you all and I am very sorry that we cannot say a proper ‘goodbye’. 

I wish you all well in whatever the future holds for you and your family. Thank you for all your support over the thirteen years that I have been part of the wonderfully supportive community of Torpoint, thank you for your friendship and thank you for entrusting your child to us. 

With fondest wishes