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Weekly  Challenges

We highly value your input into your child’s education and so each week we will be sending home a maths challenge for you to complete with your child.

These challenges should be fun for the children, and you, to partake in. We do not wish to cause any pressure on you or your child.

The challenges will be in addition to our normal homework request that you share books and read with your child on a daily basis.

Each week we will email the challenges to you and they will also be posted here on our school website.

The challenges are broad enough that children of different ages can access them and if you have children of different ages they will be able to work together.

We really want to celebrate what your children achieve so, should you wish, please either:

· share a photograph via the email

· write about the challenge in your child's reading record.

· share any work your child has done in response to the book or the challenge with your child's teacher

You can access each maths challenge through the tab at the top of this page